Making an appointment

Call 01556 610331 to make an appointment.

Except for an emergency, all patients are by appointment, either face to face or telephone.

Please call between 8am and 6pm for appointments and book well in advance if you know you will be needing a review appointment.

We keep some free appointments every day for urgent cases, but would ask you to use these appointments appropriately. The lines are always particularly busy first thing in the morning, so please avoid calling then unless your need is urgent.

In order to ensure continuity of care, it is better if you see the same doctor every time you attend, although this may mean waiting a few days for an appointment. 

Urgent appointments

We always see urgent cases the same day and allocate some appointment slots for this purpose. This may mean, however, that you are offered another doctor.

We would ask that you request these appointments only when appropriate and when your condition cannot wait for a routine appointment.

You will always be seen the same day in an emergency.


For urgent problems out of surgery hours and at weekends, please call the clinic on 01556 610331 and you will automatically be redirected to the emergency out-of-hours service.

You will speak to a nurse first who will ask you some questions about your problem so that s/he can pass it on to one of the doctors appropriately.

You may be given an appointment time at the Primary Care Centre next to casualty at the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. Do not worry if you don't have transport as the centre can send a car for you if you let them know.

If you are too unwell to travel, then a doctor or nurse will be sent out to see you at home. If you are expecting a home visit after dark, PLEASE OPEN ALL THE CURTAINS AND SWITCH ON ALL THE LIGHTS INCLUDING ANY OUTSIDE LIGHTS. This helps the doctor's driver to find your property.

For all visits day or night, please ensure your house is clearly numbered or has a clear name plate. If your house is not clearly numbered/named, an emergency ambulance or doctor can lose many minutes trying to find you - minutes that may be vital to your treatment and recovery.

Lastly, you may be offered telephone advice. If this is the case, please stay off the phone until the doctor has called you back unless you have an emergency.

Online Patient Services

Online Patient Services are now available for repeat prescriptions. Click here to send an email and we will send you information on how to access this service online. In your email, you MUST include your full name, date of birth, full postal address, email address and telephone number. Alternatively, call the surgery and provide your details verbally.

Once we have sent you your login details you must register your account within 48 hours or you will need to request new details from us. Once you have set up your secure account, you will be able to order repeat prescription. If you have any "acute" requests (medication that needs monitored that's not on repeat) You can simply leave us a request for this in the "comment" section when ordering your other repeat medications.

Consulting timetable


Morning: Dr Christie, Dr Leyshon, Dr Foster, Registrar, Registrar

Afternoon: Dr Christie, Dr Leyshon, Dr Foster, Registrar, Registrar


Morning: Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Leyshon, Dr Dobie, Dr Foster

Afternoon: Dr Leyshon, Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Foster, Registrar


Morning: Dr Christie, Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Foster, Dr Dobie, Registrar

Afternoon: Dr Christie, Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Foster, Registrar


Morning: Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Leyshon, Dr Dobie, Dr Foster Registrar

Afternoon: Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Leyshon, Dr Foster


Morning: Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Dobie, Dr Leyshon, Registrar

Afternoon: Dr Clark-Maxwell, Dr Dobie, Registrar


Home visits

Requests for home visits should be made on 01556 610331 before 9am. Please only ask for a home visit if you are too ill to come to the surgery - your doctor can see several patients in the time it will take him/her to do one home visit.


APPOINTMENTS 01556 610331 OUT OF HOURS 01556 610331 NHS24 111